Sierra Nevada

My job is to take fancy pictures of cells or proteins. One of my hobbies is to try to take nice pictures of the nature I am fortunate to experience on my outdoor adventures, mostly climbing. Although it is hard for me to resolve myself to carry my camera with me on the climbs, when I do, or when I’m at base or just hiking, I can capture magnificent views of the Sierra Nevada. These mountains are a big part of why I uprooted myself from France to make it out here.

These pictures are usually printed out and hung up in the confines of my apartment or just kept secret on my google photos….Here is a narrow selection with a caption on the context around the photo.

Camera / Objective: Fujifilm X-A2 / 16-50mm f/3.5-5.6 OIS II Lens

If interested in my picture taking, feel free to email.

View of Lone Pine Peak (left) and Mt Whitney/Keeler Needle. In the foreground, the brown monzogranite in the Alabama hills. Photo Taken December 2020 during pandemic.

Bear Creak Spire viewed from the base camp at the lake. Photo taken right after a hail storm, circa August 2020.

The Shark Fine taken at dusk in the Alabama Hills. A few interesting climbs but just a remarkable rock feature! Both show Lone Pine Peak and Mt Whitney in te background. Pictures taken circa December 2023

Bouldering in the buttermilks, with Basin Mountain visible in the background. Photo taken circa December 2019

Mount Langley from the hike to the cottonwood lake area. On our way to my first 14k ft! September 2019

Mountains visible in the back of Pine Creek Canyon. Photo taken May 2020.

Timelapse attempt when car camping in Pine Creek Canyon with Matt. Photos taken May 2020